Since 1998, Coffee on a Mission!

     The “Great Cause” of our brand story comes from our coffees being Fair Trade – which has generated $16 million, and counting, of proceeds to our coffee growers above commodity prices since we have been in business.  In addition, most of the net proceeds of our business have been, and continue to be, donated to our 501(c)(3) public charity called The Create Good Foundation, that helps at-risk children throughout the world.

     Since 1998, organizations and churches of all sizes and denominations have served Pura Vida Fair Trade Organic Coffees to their customers, visitors and employees. We source premium Fair Trade Arabica beans which are delivered fresh to your office shortly after they are locally roasted, and install and maintain high performance brewing systems that provide an awesome cup of coffee to all!

Why our mission matters

  • The average rural coffee farmer is living on less than $2 per day.

  • The average rural coffee farmer has a large family to provide for.

  • Growing coffee is hard work; coffee is grown at high altitudes, in hot climates in developing countries, and harvested by hand one bean at a time. Yet, the average rural coffee farmer only receives a couple pennies for the beans used to produce a $4 Espresso drink.

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Create Good Foundation

Pura Vida Create Good was one of the first companies to sell exclusively fair trade coffee on a national basis. To further help coffee farmers and their families, Pura Vida has established a nonprofit called the Create Good Foundation that uses its resources to fund projects that help children in at-risk communities and to partner with churches and other nonprofits to help fund projects that help those in need. Our current funding is focused on:

Reasons to partner with us

  1. You care about the environment. Pura Vida's commitment to the environment extends from our work on coffee farms to help growers implement organic farming methods; to our business where we use paperless communication with our customers; and to our Roaster which is USDA certified organic. Learn more about our commitment --->

  2. Pura Vida coffee is so great you will want to drink it at home! You absolutely can! We offer packages in 12 ounce bags through our online store. Start shopping now -->

  3. We would love to help you with your fundraising programs that will allow your organization to raise funds while supporting the mission of Pura Vida at the same time. Explore fundraising opportunities -->

  4. If you invite us into your organization to complete service, to maintain or repair equipment, we will greet you with a smile, complete the work professionally and efficiently, and thank you for your business when we leave. Meet our team -->

  5. Great coffee. Great equipment. Great service. Great cause.